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Continuing with our edition of FEATURES - a series of online presentations showcasing works by artists from the Asia Pacific region - I am pleased to present the fourth edition of the programme, this time in a hybrid format, available on view online and offline.

FEATURES 4 brings together a new series of paintings and videos by Jakarta-based artist, Ruth Marbun (b. 1985) in Once Upon No Time. The ideas and approach for the artworks started and shifted through different phases and intentions that eventually boiled down to honour the courage of (to continue) creating itself, a result of the artist’s negotiation with herself as a person, time and space.

27 November - 11 December 2021
Wijaya Grand Center, Unit G9-10

Jakarta, Indonesia

Marbun’s practice demonstrate her profound interest towards human behaviours in relation to society and the inner self. She embraces details and subtleness from the patterns in life such as imperfection, contradiction, resistance, and honours it as part of growth and developments. She works with acrylic, textile, watercolour and found-objects often depicting deconstructed figures in her paintings, prints, soft sculptures and installations. Marbun believes acceptance of flaws, instead of rejecting imperfections, opens us up to more trajectories of possibility and chance.

Marbun graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore (2008) and Fashion Foundation from London College of Fashion, London (2004). She has presented her works in Indonesia, Australia and Japan, and has recently concluded her residency with AGA Lab in Amsterdam in April 2020 and Rimbun Dahan in Selangor, Malaysia, in 2019. View Marbun’s Resume here.



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Conversation with Ruth Marbun by A&M

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