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Monash University Indonesia

Art Commissions



Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City

Jakarta, Indonesia

Press Release

Monash University Indonesia Website

In collaboration with Monash University Indonesia and Monash University Museum of Art, Santy Saptari Art Consulting is proud to commission seven new artworks for Monash University Indonesia's new post-graduate campus in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City, southwestern of Jakarta.


Situated in Green Office 9, a Platinum-Green Certified and sustainable building, Monash University is Indonesia’s first foreign-owned university with an in-country campus. 

Commissioned artworks provide a glimpse of Indonesia’s history, traditions, and recent pandemic situation through photography, painting, drawing, and sculptural relief as its medium. Participating artists are Arum Dayu, Andy Dewantoro, Arwin Hidayat, Maharani Mancanagara, Patriot Mukmin, Prabu Perdana, and Citra Sasmita.


Stepping into the building is a journey of each artist’s perception of Indonesia. In the lobby, Arwin Hidayat’s Prayers for Dad from Djenar, a look into how art could lift one’s spirit, and Prabu Perdana’s Silent City Memories, realistic imagery of Bandung during the pandemic are placed on opposite walls.


Among its corridors, three artworks highlight parts of our history. Patriot Mukmin’s Al-Fatihah #3, portrays two important figures of Indonesia's history who took different paths in life. Meanwhile, Maharani Mancanegara’s (After) a Myth or Not #2, address the mythology of bambu runcing or spiked bamboo, a weapon used against Dutch colonialists. While Andy Dewantoro’s series of photographs Vespertine spotlight abandoned buildings in Bandung during vespertine hour.

In regards to traditions, Citra Sasmita’s Ballads of Monsoon Garden illustrates mythology by delving into Balinese culture and its belief that knowledge and wisdom can be obtained through nature. While Arum Dayu’s four-panel photograph Sawen Lembur  portrays a ritual to ward off evil spirits in Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, Banten Kidul.


Maharani Mancanagara, (After) a Myth or Not #2, 2021, acrylic and charcoal on wood, 280 x 760 cm

Arwin Hidayat, Doa Buat Bapak dari Djenar (Prayers for Dad from Djenar), 2021, acrylic on canvas, 100x150 cm

Photo by Hafidh Ahmad Irfanda

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