2021 UOB Painting of the Year

Competition Briefing Session

Saturday, 3 Juli 2021

7.30 PM Jakarta


Opened by:

Maya Rizano, Head of Strategic Communications and Brand, UOB Indonesia

Yani Sinulingga, Corporate Profiling Head, UOB Indonesia

Prabu Perdana, Artist and Winner of 2020 UOB POY and 2020 SEA POY

Agung Hujatnikajennong, Curator and Chief Judge of 2021 UOB POY

Mella Jaarsma, Artist and Judge of 2021 UOB POY

Natasha Sidharta, Collector and Judge of 2021 UOB POY


Moderated by:

Santy Saptari, Founder, Santy Saptari Art Consulting

UOB_Bincang Sore_2_Poster_hijau.jpg


Menuju 2021 UOB Painting of the Year



Saturday, 29 May 2021

2 PM Jakarta


Opened by:

Hendra Gunawan, President Director, UOB Indonesia

Enrico Tanuwidjaja, Head of Economic and Research, UOB Indonesia

​Josua Puji Mulia Simanjuntak, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy

Sri Astari Rasjid, Artist and Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Albania, and North Macedonia (2016-2020)

​Tom Tandio, Director, Art Jakarta

Maya Rizano, Head of Strategic Communications and Brand, UOB Indonesia


Moderated by:

Santy Saptari, Founder, Santy Saptari Art Consulting

Yani Sinulingga, Corporate Profiling Head, UOB Indonesia

Kemalezedine_WA blast.jpg


Draw Distance

Kemalezedine (b. 1978, Yogyakarta), is a multidisciplinary Bali-based artist who works in paintings, drawings, prints and objects. His practice investigates the complex narratives and history of Balinese paintings and its complicated relationship to Indonesian art. This latest body of works in “Draw Distance” continues his exploration with non-figurative paintings that are based on drawings of repetitive lines and ornamentations of various deconstructed Balinese visual iconography, arranged in individual and multi-panel layouts. In this series, the artist further experiments with darker monochromatic colours of the Batuan style painting of Bali and introduces water-based ink into his oil paintings, representing the artist’s idea of ‘conservation’ and ‘exploration’, where ‘tradition’ and ‘change’ come together to create something new.

10 Kemalezedine’s paintings will be available online to view on from 24 April – 12 May 2021.

Join us on IG Live for a talk with the artist on:

Saturday, 24 April 2021

8PM Jakarta | 9 PM Bali

IG @santysaptari

UOB_Bincang Sore_1_Poster_Indo.jpg


Menuju 2021 UOB Painting of the Year



Saturday, 27 March 2021

4 PM Jakarta


Opened by:

Hendra Gunawan (President Director, UOB Indonesia)

Daniel Komala (Co-founder and CEO, Larasati Auctioneers)

​Diendy Liu (Investment and Treasury Advisory Head, UOB Indonesia)

Syakieb Sungkar (Art Collector)

​Iwan K. Lukminto (Collector and Founder of Tumurun Museum)


Moderated by:

Santy Saptari (Founder, Santy Saptari Art Consulting)

Yani Sinulingga (Corporate Profiling Head, UOB Indonesia)



(So Close Yet So Far)


Relationship Building:
New Ways Forward in The Visual Arts Sectors of Indonesia and Australia

Saturday, 20 March 2021

1pm WIB | 5pm AEDT​​​


The last of the Dekat-Dekat Jauh conversations will focus on opportunities for strengthening the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia in the arts context. Future opportunities and strategies will be explored assessing what a successful relationship might look like and how we can learn from other sectors to enhance mutual understanding.



Penny Burtt, Hikmat Darmawan, M. Taufiqurrahman, Elena Williams, Chloé Wolifson



(So Close Yet So Far)


Private Platforms and The Art Market:

Collecting, Connecting, Commissioning

Saturday, 13 March 2021

1pm WIB | 5pm AEDT​​​


The third conversation explores the critical role of private collectors and organisations in promoting exchange and collaboration between Indonesia and Australia. The discussion will unpack motivations, incentives and experiences of operating in commercial contexts including the value of relationships with artists and differences between keeping collections private and making them public.



Konfir Kabo, Margaret Moore, Erastus Radjimin, Tom Tandio



(So Close Yet So Far)


Scaffolding The Indonesian and Australian Visual Arts Sectors:

The Role of Institution and The Structure of Advocacy

Saturday, 6 March 2021

1pm WIB | 5pm AEDT​​​


The second conversation invites speakers who are involved in advocacy, governance and delivery of institutional programs that support cross-cultural understanding. They will discuss how, in their respective positions, they are advocating for increased support including policy change, development of strategic partnerships, the role of education and the importance of engaging the public.



Kate Ryan, Marcus Schutenko, Sally Smart, Farah Wardani



(So Close Yet So Far)


Artists Insights: Exhibit, Exchange, Co-Create

Saturday, 27 February 2021

1pm WIB | 5pm AEDT​​​


The first conversation brings together prominent Indonesian and Australian artists to share their respective experiences in Indonesia and Australia exploring the professional, social and cultural contexts. The session will touch on the value of artistic exchange and residency programs as well as the experience as a member of a diaspora community exploring notions of identity and using various cultural references as a form of expression.



Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Febie Babyrose (Tromarama), Jumaadi, Tintin Wulia


Bala Starr, Director, La Trobe Art Institute

Melukis Asa main event poster


Menuju 2021 UOB Painting of the Year

Virtual Exhibition

6 February - 5 April 2021

We are proud to support UOB Indonesia in organizing a virtual exhibition and a series of monthly webinars: Melukis Asa, Menuju 2021 UOB Painting of the Year, from February to April 2021. The virtual exhibition will be showcasing 30 artworks by 30 Indonesian finalists and winners.

Virtual Exhibition Launch & Tour

Saturday, 6 February 2021

2PM Jakarta

Via ZOOM Webinar​


Maya Rizano - Head of Strategic Communications and Brand, UOB Indonesia

Agung Hujatnikajennong - Chief Judge of 2020 UOB Painting of the Year

Prabu Perdana - Winner of 2020 UOB Painting of the Year

Danni Febriana - Gold Winner of 2020 UOB Painting of the Year

Michelle Felicia Dharmawan - 2020 Most Promising Artist of the Year

Webinar will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia

Photo courtesy of Van Every/Smith Galleries, Davidson College.


Join us for an afternoon of a Virtual Screening and Artist Talk with Indonesian-Australian artist, Tintin Wulia. Wulia will share with us in depth about her 4 (four) video works that we have carefully selected for our FEATURES in November 2020. 


Violence Against Fruits (2000), Ketok (2002), Everything's OK (2003) and her Venice Biennale's video installation, A Thousand and One Martian Nights (2017). These videos are Wulia's works about Indonesia, her country of birth, where she grew up and spent almost half of her adult life before migrating to Australia. By selecting these works we are connecting the dots of where Wulia came from in her works, as well as looking at the entanglement of her personal history as an artist with a nation-state's political history.

Zoom screening & Artist Talk with Tintin Wulia

Saturday, 14 November 2020

1 PM Jakarta | 4 PM Brisbane | 5 PM Melbourne


The Art of Collecting with Cosmas Gozali

Join our IG LIVE conversation with Cosmas Gozali, founder of Atelier Cosmas Gozali and one of the board members of Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta on:


Friday, 23 October 2020

8 PM Jakarta | 9 PM Singapore

IG LIVE @santysaptari

Cosmas will talk about his passion in collecting art, how far his profession as an architect influenced his art collecting practice, and share about his roles and activities as one of the board members of Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta.
With over 25 years of experience in architectural and interior design, Cosmas is recognized both locally and internationally with projects encompassing Indonesia, Singapore, and India. He founded his own architecture bureau in 1992, widely known as Atelier Cosmas Gozali since 2005, and received different prestigious awards in the field of architecture. In his practice, he always incorporates a touch of local value with futuristic exploration of space resulting in his global appeals.
Besides architecture, Cosmas is also known as an avid art collector. His love for the arts brings him to actively participate in various international exhibitions, to name one is the Fortress Europe for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 in Venice, Italy. His active contribution in the field of art and architecture brought him to his appointment as one of the board members of Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta.

Saturday Art Fever

Issues and Strategies in the Malaysian Contemporary Art Scene with Independent Curator, Syed Muhammad Hafiz 

Join our IG LIVE conversation with Syed Muhammad Hafiz, an independent curator and a PhD candidate at the Malay Studies Department, National University of Singapore, on:


Saturday, 10 October 2020

2 PM Jakarta | 3 PM Singapore | 6 PM Melbourne

IG LIVE @santysaptari

Hafiz will be talking about current trends and issues of Contemporary Art in Malaysia through different projects he has worked on in various capacities, from institutional to commercial independent projects.

Hafiz was a researcher with the Singapore Art Museum in 2009 before embarking on his MA degree in Art & Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. Upon his return to Singapore, he joined National Gallery Singapore (NGS) in 2012 as one of the inaugural group of curators tasked to launch the museum. His curatorial projects with NGS included co-curating the Southeast Asian permanent gallery exhibition titled Between Declarations & Dreams, the largest survey exhibition of Singapore’s master potter, Iskandar Jalil (2016); and the largest exhibition on the 19th century Javanese painter, Raden Saleh (2017). His portfolio included researching on Southeast Asian art and developing the collection of artworks from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia for the national collection. 

Zulkifli Lee: Studio Tour and Artist Talk with Curator, Josef Ng

A virtual tour to Zulkifli Lee's studio in Kuala Lumpur with Curator, Josef Ng, to view some of his works, and learn more about Lee's artistic practice.

Zulkifli LEE (b. 1978), a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, print and installation. Lee’s practice explores the dynamic between personalised and impersonalised form through language of materials. His works are made from natural, organic mediums: soil, sand and corrosion patina, juxtaposing the beauty of relationship and paradox between human and nature.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

via ZOOM
2PM Jakarta • 3PM Kuala Lumpur • 5PM Melbourne

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

Zoom Curator's Tour: 

Saturday, 11 July 2020

2PM (JKT); 3PM (SG); 5PM (MELB)

Click here to view the video


IG Live Artist Talk: 2PM (JKT); 3PM (SG); 5PM (MELB):

Saturday, 18 July 2020 (Nabilah Nordin & Meliantha Muliawan)

Saturday, 25 July 2020 (Maria Indriasari & Yaya Sung)

Saturday, 1 Aug 2020 (Ezzam RahmanRuth Marbun)

IG: @santysaptari